Oct. 1

It is the feast day of St. Therese (“Little Flower”). Some expect a cloyingly sweet tale of this everyday big sister, and they’ll find that in her official (heavily edited) hagiography, but looking at her own story and others’ of her, it quickly becomes clear that she was someone we could easily know. And trust.

It is also International Coffee Day. For me, that celebration is EVERY day. I’ve found a store brand Colombian arabica that agrees with me and is delicious hot or cold.

Don’t tell me there is no God!!

Speaking of Whom, I’ve had to ask my big sister Therese to stop me from buying 10 large cans of it. Um, more than once. (She looks away for two. I’m not pushing it.)

The bad news gets to me (you may’ve noticed). Hence, last night, I uploaded a photo (as phone=Internet wallpaper) of someone who, from the very first whisper of her forming presence, has never failed to make my heart smile, which spreads to my face.

Her mom sent me a 3-second video of her dad jostling her down a grocery store aisle on his shoulder. Her 3-note high-pitched shriek-laugh was rivaled only by her two teensy crown-ward pigtails bouncing with every step. Wish I could show you; honestly, I watched it about 16 times in a row. I might do so again — what time is it? 🤗

(In case anyone noticed, I took down her beach photo here, because I picture my posts getting 12 views at most, but I had also tagged this one “coffee” — what was I thinking??!! Anyway, our little Southern GrandMiss still wishes y’all Hakuna Matata!)

And last, a prayer for all who are in need of one today.