One verb, one noun…

Today’s WordPress prompt is “Something on your to-do list that never gets done.”

Shall I ease into that despicable / delightful to-do, or shall I just say it and thereby risk the planet shifting on its axis from the ensuing global shudder?

(By the way, that very tilting of our world is one of the ways that my husband explains his belief in a higher creative power. Yes, it pays to be an engineer!)

Alright, unless one of us wants to share their Merlot, this is all the easing I can stall with..

Brace yourselves..


Eldest daughter got us photo boxes eons ago (“eons” signifying 4 boxes — one for each of our kids).

That was great. For about a year. I ignored the boxes’ index/separator cards just as well as I ignored listing lines on the backs of fresh audio cassette cases, but the photos were sorted, once.

The other *sorted* photos stayed in their brown paper lunch bags, labeled, “Relatives” “Friends” “Pets” “Places” etc. Surely, I would get more photo boxes..

Kudos to me for getting some slides developed.. yes, the key word is “some”…

Then, digital cameras became affordable. And all the while, grandchildren came into being!

Surely, I would develop prints and get more photo boxes..

I’ve skipped over the part where first one child and then a grandchild and another had to bring in 100 somethings for 100-Something Day for the 100th day at school, and thought 100 photos in homemade albums was brilliant (after “pennies!” was voted out). Yep, we’re brutal to ourselves up here.

And now.. phone cameras.

Indeed, photo boxes can hold off for the foreseeable; no one ever prints out photos, especially the ones from those days when I still resembled a human interacting with early grands.

I have about 16 photo CDs and 8 nearly full memory sticks of massive storage from (first) everyone’s cameras, then from everyone’s phones. Those are all safely in my get-away bag with the house deed, passbooks, and rolling-tobacco stash.

That got packed and encased in a fireproof bag and hung in a closet when the 90,000 gallon propane tank leaked a number of years ago. It leaked from the cold, we were told, when we returned from church that night to a closed street and all city rescue vehicles on our doorstep.

So, “this winter for sure” is always my thought, when I have delusions of uploading this or that memory unit to my desktop and sorting out whatever I’m not going to get prints of..

It could happen.