No glad fool-suffering, here..

However, APRIL Fool’s is okay by me. Someone on WP got his readers good, today, including me — I’m delighted! Happy April 🌹.

This has been a fruitful Lent; I’ll be coming away from it with a new level of appreciation for Mary (and the saints!) as loving teacher/protector. Hard to go into more satisfactory detail; hopefully, it suffices to say the more the effort, the more the detail!

Lent ought to be life-changing, yes, but even on the surface, it brings an easing. Even, I hope, to those suffering horrendous woes at the hands (and weaponry) of others. A reminder that not even in this human part of our eternal life have we been left orphans. We are Loved to beyond here.

Jn 3:16

Lent for believers is always a verrry personal accounting, though. It is the super-mirror that reflects our distance from our God (for me, it’s been a little willful as well as humanly distracted), and, if we’re serious, reflects our distance from one another, no matter what that looks like.

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. It’s never been lost on me (in adulthood) that a week later, our “Hosanna!” has changed to “Crucify Him!” I used to hate reading those words aloud just as they spoke them long ago. It is wrenching to contemplate His atoning, saving Passion enough to acknowledge the thorn(s) and vinegar one gave..

Indeed, I know my own/our human nature, but I also know that His divine, “Father, forgive them..” change those dire words in us back to “Hosanna!” — through our honest humility and accountability. Amen, so may it be.

“Blessed is He Who comes in the name of the Lord..”

Onward we go..