His reality, or ours..

Sometimes, Catholicism is a little hard to fathom. Sometimes, I am amazed by some non-Catholic who does fathom it — fathoms the very Heart of it all.

Whoopi Goldberg attended a Catholic school in her youth. Perhaps this is how she knows that “the Eucharist is for sinners” (who know they are sinners and don’t want to be). Thus, perhaps that is why she said it’s not the Archbishop’s job to deny Communion to anyone.

(She certainly may’ve also heard the phrase that if we receive Him without the grace of absolution, we may eat and drink condemnation to ourselves.)

The Pope didn’t mention that (in what I read most recently) but he did say we ought not to weaponize the Eucharist by publicly denying Communion to someone. He said he has never denied anyone Communion — not ever — and he cautioned (again) against possibly mixing politics with religion.

He said (I paraphrase) we have to have/model the heart and the way of Christ in all things. Christ never denied anyone anything good (except the working of miracles in one town, because their faith in God was nil).

And Whoopi (given name, Caryn) would also likely know, as most reporters apparently do not, that the Pope isn’t “the boss” — he is a brother Bishop! He is chief shepherd of all Catholics and the final Complaint Window on earth, yes, but unless an official Papal proclamation becomes official doctrine, it’s not doctrine — it is bishopric opinion..

Those clerics who hold to more traditional ways, or those who feel that part of their lifelong ordination is to protect (from profaning / abuse of) Christ’s holy sacraments, while also protecting souls, have a point. A serious one. Abortion is an egregious, mortal sin. It is murder, which goes against even the seminal Commandments — and certainly always against Christianity. It cannot licitly be supported by any Catholic.

I’m not sure just who we think the “Thou shalt not kill” is for, but killing is the taking of life, which is God’s alone to decree, not man’s. The Catholic church protects life at every stage — it is the last bastion of respect for life, be it fetal, physically compromised, elderly. Catholicism based on Christ’s own tenets, ways and heart is against oppression and even the demeaning of the human body and intellect.

Part of the Church has been trying to deny Communion for ages to those who publicly support abortion. I understand that. But the hypocrites reach far wider than politicians (or celebrities).

Actually, not one of us is ever worthy to receive the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ; it is His gift of His life through the absolving power He has granted to priests. When I go to confession, I may see only about 10 others these days (these decades) while seeing hundreds receive Him the next morning. So, everyone in two or three towns but us 11 are fairly sinless? And do any of us 11 ever confess to believing in *choice* or do we, too, think “choice” is our choice?

Even using artificial birth control is a sin (You’re not my God; I am), but it may be a less deadly choice than the Final Choice for a living human being who did not ask to be conceived.

I know a little more of the Archbishop through a cleric friend in the archdiocese; he’s a good man, a good priest, a good Archbishop (who truly cares), and yes, he tried to speak privately with Pelosi (and possibly also Biden).

In reports, he feels he has no choice but to request her withholding herself from receiving the Lord until she repudiates support for abortion. She should consider it (because as he states, her own soul is at risk), but she and millions of others who are still practicing Catholics likely won’t.

And policing the Eucharist won’t stop abortion, but maybe it needed to happen in order to open other eyes. And maybe it is, after all, the most pastoral thing he could do.