Saving for a lava lamp..

Remember when we used to sing along, “It’s a turn down day…” ?

Well, me either, really, but the Southern kids did make it home safely, everything virus-y is holding super-boringly alright-ish here, and I did see a butterfly this morn! (Not a Monarch, but same size and yellow with black stripes. A sign of positive things to come, one article said. 🤔..)

I thought about snapping a photo of it, but I got caught up in all the exaggerated cyrcling.😉 (Plus, the phone camera was 17 paces away.)

Anyway, that’s two great did‘s and a tolerable is. I can dig it.

Just wanted to update you on things, and to get this looping song out of my head by getting it stuck in yours!

Nonetheless, peace! Stay well.