New this, old that..

(First, to be honest, I don’t know zip about WordPress’ Jetpack app, so I always opt to “Continue in browser.” Would anyone reading this recommend using Jetpack? I always figure if it ain’t broke, I don’t want to fix it!)

In other news, hamster-shopping was successful (like that could ever fail??). This grandson’s pets exclusive to himself have been only here, so it’s good that he’s experienced cats and dogs at his dad’s, as we’re right out on the ever-busier road and with few exceptions, cats and dog failed, here.

If you Google “Roborovski hamster,” you’ll know more about his girl, “Ghost.” Otherwise, this:

His gerbil, “Fugo” (who is *gone* to the side yard) was cute in a whole different way. I’m hoping Ghost will bond with grandson just as closely as Fugo did, especially now that one half sister of grandson’s is no longer speaking to him (she’s mad at the family, but as he says, “I never did anything to her!”).

(Oh gosh.. family, right? So sad. Bonding was one reason why I didn’t suggest his getting two hamsters, and it’s probably one reason why he didn’t ask for that!)

I’m really baffled this morning: It’s nice out and sunny, but NOT windy?? Did I die and end up in my own imagination??

Husband filled the bird feeders before he left to visit sister a few states away, and today a sparrow has been pecking hard at one and thus dropping tons of millet down to the happy cardinal below the feeders! It’s almost like the cardinal hired him — I haven’t seen the sparrow eat anything yet!

Husband met up yesterday with his best friend from childhood-through-college. These two sons were interchangeable in their neighborhood homes. They hadn’t seen each other for over 40 years, but as these things go, it was more like yesterday!

If I should see my long-time best friend from pre-marriage days, I know it will be the same. We two will look pretty different from those days, too — but any foreignness will fade within moments. It’s just that way with some, isn’t it?


I keep thinking it’s just that way, with Others, beyond here, too..