June, in New England:

~ When any skin tickle can be an ant
(Some close calls, but no one’s seen the shirt whipped off like it’s lava.. so far.)

~ When non-killer instinct debate begins
(Surely, that hoppy thing in the yard is a chipmunk. NOT sure?? Moth balls..?)

~ When night bugs are tipsily surprised
(Face to face with the largest bathroom silverfish EVER SEEN; bug knew it even before it was loudly articulated to him.)

~ When stealth heat waves attack
(Squirrel melts into a fur stole on the shady part of the swingset; is this bee snoring?)

~ When day’s quiet ramps up the night
(Was that a snarl?? Window closes; bear, wildebeest, alligator prevented. Bedtime!)

~ When holidays collide
(Fathers Day leads a week later to Better Half’s birthday! TWO presents? Shoot.)

Here’s hoping your June is/was all of the above — and if you’re presently coming out of winter, your *June* is still ahead and I hope the anticipation makes you smile.