Day 3
With the exception of fever, aches, aching ears, headache, and general wobblyness, the other things took turns — chills, nausea, congestion.

This morn, I wasn’t sure I could taste coffee (imagine!), but it’s from yesterday morn’s pot — that might be spelling the difference (I can smell and taste these pastry crisps) and, for now, I’ll just live with that.

Yesterday, I didn’t even want to open the Amazon box that arrived (imagine!).

Granddaughter was flat on her back for 3 days, as was her brother just about 2 weeks before that, and it was adult daughter in the interim.

This and the quarantining of 5 of us 24/7 for a couple weeks is getting old, but the little guy came back today, and they’re planning a beach afternoon so things are getting better.

I’m a huge believer in aspirin (did you know that it’s by prescription only in other countries?) and in EmergenC. I swear by these two. And naps!

I did finally open the Amazon box (you’ll be relieved to know). I’m so tired of mismatched and/or enormously huge and heavy ceramic plates, I ordered 8 more Corelle dinner plates and 6 more “lunch” plates, this time also Corelle.

Daughter and brood may be moving out as soon as this summer or so — she has nothing for a household, so she’ll be inheriting the heavy white plates edged in blue, which at least do match.

The two pterodactyl-worthy plates left from the brown set husband brought home one day years ago will be reserved for turkey dinners (white meat, dark), but those 3 brown lunch plates *may* go into daughter’s dishes box. The one giant soup bowl that didn’t get broken is under a potted plant.

I like how Corelle bounces, 🙂

That’s my riveting news update. This is the third day or so of plague, the magic number (so far) — I expect to wash those new dishes any moment now. Which means in about an hour… I need more bad coffee first.

Stay well!