Almost fit to print

Happy almost Memorial Day!🇺🇸

I prefer to stay off the busy-travel roads during this holiday weekend which kicks off our wonderful summer season (when all the park and beach bathrooms open) (she said super-OLD-ly), but I know that when we do visit the sprawling cemetery back home where much of my original family ended up, we will see fresh flags on the graves of all those who’ve served in the military. ❤️

I’ll keep in mind the names I knew on the ‘Nam Traveling (memorial) Wall, and all the others including our POW/MIAs. We returned our bracelets at some point, but I can still see the engraving on mine, “Lt JG Wayne Wolfkiel.” His name wasn’t checked off in the traveling book, which was too big.

In other news, I’m only a couple of weeks out now from advertising a rentable room, here. It’s gone very well (if one ignores my scale), but I’m dreading the crap out of this new wrinkle, Were that the only one, it’d be tolerably dread-ful, but now teen grandson is all fired up about redoing his room — and when someone suggested his acquiring a ferret, I had trouble shooting that down!

Meanwhile, last daughter and her teensy toddler may come back for a July visit (and staying here) even before her mid-August stay-over when, because timing is everything, I have planned an ever larger gathering to celebrate our 40th. I’ve lost track of my face-palm emoji, but sooo face-palm here because half the larger bedroom (to where do and re-do furniture has been relocated) will need to act as BnB for 2 or 3, twice!

The big save in that is many (fam people especially!) will get to meet the teensy toddler in the flesh at last! We’re all kinda spread out – here, NY, OH, NC and most everyone is still working full-time, so there’ve been near-misses galore! Also, old NY friends have moved here and others from LI will be coming to the party, none of whom have seen each other in decades!

I’m trying to whittle down the attendees list because this do will be done here. Yesterday, I was stuck at 38… Today, it’s at 22, 20 of whom are utterly non-negotiable.. 🤔.. maybe I’m done!!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends, wherever you are.