A channel of Peace

October 3 is when the Transitus of St. Francis of Assisi is celebrated by followers of any Franciscan order.

He is known for so much — rebuilding the Church (not just a physical edifice), and for the Creche (Nativity scene) we set up at Christmas,

He would fast for 40 days and nights in the wilderness like Jesus, but in humility would not equate himself even there — he had Bro. Leo leave a loaf of bread where he could find it at the edge of a rock grouping he would hike out to, and hike back from into the wilderness again, after having taken one bite.

Yes, he preached to the animals — but it was to attract men and women to listen when they otherwise wouldn’t.

He created an entire family of snow, once, when his heart made him wonder if he’d missed out on anything. Wife, children..

He was a mendicant servant of Lady Poverty.

He reminded one bishop of man’s original innocence.

If you’d like a chuckle, read a bit on Brother Juniper.

So much more is written of Francis, said of him, so much of his way is followed even unto today. Pope John XXIII was Franciscan, as was a priest of my parish, which I hadn’t known until I inquired of a different (lay) fraternity than one I had tried, and so, I let it be.

The Holy Father (a Jesuit) chose “Francis” as his papal name and patron. We have no idea how lucky we are.

Ultimately, the Seraphic Father Francis (never a priest!) did indeed bear Christ’s stigmata.

There are 650,000 Franciscans in 110 countries.

If you’d like another chuckle, you’d want to read a little about his dear friend and follower, Brother Jacoba. Ah, but of course there would be a Brother Jacoba. 😊