Almost April!

First, though, this:

Like Vincent Hanley of “Reviews, Rants and Rambles,” Gerry, aka “The Dorset Rambler” posts when I least expect it, and like so many of your own posts, it’s always a treat of many kinds. Do check out these guys!

Other than that, the week has been mostly only badly memorable. I’m guessing it was a back injury (gained from rearranging the living room), which then expanded into other maladies that all in all, kept me sleeplessly and foodlessly in bone and muscle pain, extreme skin sensitivity, and use-less nausea for many days and nights.

Yeah, I might be getting old.

I told daughter it felt like a combination of being hit by a small invisible car, and contracting ebola. (I did Google that around the time my lungs started to fill up, actually, but symptoms didn’t include almost seeing black-winged dragons in the top right corner of the dark living room. Idk if they mentioned a spotty trunk rash here and there..)

It’s good to have caught up on some sleep, thus — and I’m eating and hydrating like I invented both, praise God! Annnnd it’s becoming Spring-y out there at last! It’s cold and blustery, of course, it’s still March in the Northeast — but tiger lily shoots have broken through, lilac buds are fattening, and husband did say many things are coming up in his little garden areas.

Also, we had a rarely visiting bird at the feeders. I pointed it out to son as a rose breasted grosbeak. as of old. Then, I looked it up; it was no such thing — more like a rosefinch, but it counted as a late winter / early Spring visitor, come to toggle a sigh!

Mid-western daughter sent photos of the blooming lovelies in her yard. We might both be hopeless gardeners, as she prefaced one with, “Here are some purple things!” Well, sure, they’re likely crocuses, but they also looked a little tulip-y. And thank goodness we ALL know what daffodils look like!

Husband had come in delighted the other day saying, “Our Hyacinth (lol), and our daffodils and tulips are coming up!” When far daughter then asked if we had anything coming up, I told her the above. Later, I hobbled out to the deck with phone cam in hand to get some photos for her… Apparently, he had meant their greens are coming up — there were no blooms anywhere!

In other news, Grandson came downstairs a couple late nights ago in a panic. He went into the bathroom and found a mouse swimming where mice should never go! I’ve been trying to rid the house of any of these fellas in devious ways — which he doesn’t know — but certainly not this way; all he knew was, we must rescue the little guy!

I did not get through to him about this being unlike his tame gerbil of two years.. I said, “Go get your cage and we’ll drape a towel from the toilet into the cage — he’ll hopefully climb up and not jump onto my knees and finish me off.” He got the cage and handed me a towel. LOL, I said, “Oh — not a clean one!” and grabbed a used one.

By then, he had scooped him up in a cup and dropped the whole thing into the cage. He then fitted out the (deceased) gerbil’s old aquarium with everything a field mouse would love, and transferred the moused cup to it and secured the screen on top.

Two people checked on him, of course, but one somebody dropped in a couple of Ritz crackers in case the bedraggled thing lived. Oh, he lived. I found crackers gnawed and him running around the gerbil wheel by morning. I had forewarned grandson it was ONLY for the night, and he released him out behind the swing set in the mild afternoon’s sun.

Long story shorter, he and I are going hamster-shopping for him this Sunday.

I hope your Spring is being comparable –in the outdoor way!! Mild temps are wished you, and many purple things to behold!








  1. Exactly why we avoided ever starting down the gerbil/hamster road!

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    1. LOL!! Men are so succinct. You’re absolutely right! First daughter decades ago let “Hammy” run free in the house.. Hammy found it amusing to climb our bed UPstairs at night and run the length of my body over and over. Oh, what we’ve done for love as parents. 🤷

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      1. That is too funny. I have let grandchildren put curlers in my hair and paint my nails.

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  2. lois says:

    “…not a clean one!” Oh, I laughed and laughed!

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    1. 😂 The words just came out so quickly!

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  3. Thank you for your commendation and affirmation!! Would blog more often but for my three delightful grandchildren!

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  4. Ann Coleman says:

    Dang, you’ve been busy lately! And the story of the rescued mouse just warmed my heart…..

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  5. JoAnna says:

    Yeah, I might be getting old, too. But your sense of humor helps. Thanks for rescuing and releasing the mouse.

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