If we were having coffee..

..it would be in the future after I’ve gotten some semblance of order back in this house.

Hopefully, it would be May-something when the yards might’ve been picked up as well, and some pure tender colors will have newly broken through the earth without threat of decay or blight of ants yet, and you’d be able to see the sparkling river from anywhere inside or out in this before-the-dense-foliage time.

If it was before May 12-22nd, I’d tell you of my excitement in having latest daughter and newest grandchild’s upcoming visit somewhere within that time frame. They’re going to be staying here, for once (for once, there’s room!), and the room dedicated to this stay, at least, started shaping up weeks ago! The room will likely become permanently occupied shortly after that.

I wouldn’t show you, if any time soon, the larger room I’m holding in case next-to-last daughter (and kids) have to return for some time. At least 3 of them would need to fit in there, and I am great at reinventing this house and even have a tri-fold partition to denote someone’s room within a room, but I’m only human — and the floor needs a rug even after the full contractor bags have found their way out.

And if it was after the May visit, and if you were poetic in any way, I’d show you the love letter I wrote to a privateer / schooner who returns to our shores come 6:30 p.m. on July 27.

In most of my excitements, a whole lot of multi-person time-crunching, bookings, and/or extreme physical labor is involved. The viewing of tall ships (six this year!), however, involves only a sustained crazy alive thump of my heart over which I’ve no choice or control. It is my circus, my opera, my safari, my Caravaggio, my return to greener lands accessible only by air and water, my slipping into a crowd on a hillside and being handed fish and a loaf: like a child, I only have to show up and behold!

I’d give you good coffee, though, and with a little notice, a freshly-baked cinnamony-something-to-go-with-our-coffee, and I’d ask about details of your own life, and the dreams that never die for you. And I’d listen (and view your surely better photos)!

O, these enormous wooden things that somehow float.. they make me shake!







  1. Ann Coleman says:

    Enjoy your upcoming visit from family! And if the other daughter and her family stay a while, that will be good too.

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    1. Thank you! Well, I meant the other daughter & kids would be actually moving back in here “for a time.” It would likely be for years, and she would hate that, so here’s hoping that shall be avoided, but you know, I think her group sleepover here during her sister’s visit would be FUN! Thanks for that idea! 😊🌷

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  2. We still have two grandchildren living with us after our youngest son’s family of five moved in with us ten years ago. Amazing what you can make the house accommodate if you have to.

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    1. ‘Tis! And I commiserate — unless you figured out a good way for at least two fams to share the ‘fridge space!

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      1. We had a second refrigerator in the garage and two mini fridges. But sharing a kitchen was still the biggest problem with meat-eaters, vegetarians, peanut allergies etc.!

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