As the world turns

It’s been an interesting week, here.

Not only did I get proof of Batman’s real superpower (shredded wheat — who knew?? And does one ask Batman to re-paper a kitchen?), but I found out what it’s like to go into shock to a non-lethal degree when I slammed the car door on my own fingers and felt the metal cut into one as well as smushing it.

Indeed, interesting — like when the Singer sewing machine needle suddenly jams in your thumbnail, only worse, somehow, and unlike that not-so-brilliant move, this middle finger on my dominant hand is surely going to lose the nail. Attractive.

So, although I wasn’t looking for a reason to interrupt moving-out labors and totings, nor to having others haul in my groceries, do the dishes, make the vacuuming and floor washing wait even longer, like the opening and airing of the new mattress and getting rid of the old, etc., I can certify that this works toward all those ends.

And now I can certify that, along with playing Solitaire rather awkwardly, it hurts to type with more than one finger, little blue swollen sausage that it still is, so this will be all she wrote for a while!

Hope Lent is being wonderful-Lent for you. It is for me, really. Oh, and don’t forget to set your clocks ahead an hour this Sunday at 2:30 a.m.!

(No one wants to claim ownership of Batman, so something tells me he is going to help us celebrate each holiday and birthday. I’ll just say it wasn’t me, but I am indeed thinking about St. Patrick’s Day…)







  1. Lou Carreras says:

    I shuddered and relived the sensation of a car door slamming on fingers – unforgettable.

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    1. Yes, indeed. (Sorry!)


  2. Ouch…😔💕💕💕💕💕 Feeling a whole lot of empathy here… 😳 Glad that little Batman showed up at just the right time…xo

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    1. Thank you, and yes — Batman to the rescue (sorta)!❤️

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  3. Mike U. says:

    Oof! So sorry to hear about your car door adventure. I hope your finger is well on its way to healing. It’s amazing how such a small appendage can hurt so much. Hope you’re doing well and that spring is generous to you and yours. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, and thank you! I hope the very same for you. 🌷

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