It’s another almost-tee-shirt day here in Northeast What’sNextland. The mildness won’t hold — we’re due for rain and flurries and 20s (F) for daytime highs — but it’s been fun.. except for when the skunk woke up and thought it was more than Fools’ Spring and went marauding unto scaring him- or herself silly and, thus, spraying something nearby the other eve.

Ever had that *pleasure*? I think being skunk-sprayed is a sulphurous foretaste of what hell is like on a good day (here it’s only for the next 6 days or so): I try to behave.

As you know, my almost-niece recently died just hours after turning 51. (Not Covid.) There won’t be a service — I think it’s because her kids and ill mom and I are spread out from OK to OH to ME and beyond. It would be thought a winter travel hardship (I’m guessing). I doubt there will be a celebration of life later in the year; either way, I will have a Mass offered for her.

Speaking of Covid, Midwestern daughter is down with it presently. She can’t taste her beloved wine… I KNOW!! We joke, but I’m honestly worried about her. She tires and winds easily, still (and was in excellent shape before this). This is her second bout with it; she’s convinced the first one was worse. I hope so. I pray so. This damned thing is still a threat.

Here along the river’s edge (by the way, it lost its ice cover weeks ago — we had a pair of mallards on it last week), we’re seeing some raptor activity at tree level and lower which has thankfully been missing for a while. I believe we’re seeing one or more red-tailed hawks. They are mesmerizing but deadly to my (seemingly) only chipmunk, tiny birds, and perhaps also to the mourning doves that take so long to get airborne when they break camouflage..

We have many squirrels. I could part with one, if I had to. One per year. I wish I knew how to tell the hawk(s) this! I was watching one ride the thermals earlier, but then it seemed to get closer and I saw what I think was a second pair of wings lifting off across the way — all of which was semi-blocked by a huge maple.

I spotted this tiny nest all by its lonesome earlier.. all he or she might’ve seen from there is the sky and his or her Maker (not counting 200 gulls). Pretty much a good Lenten spot for a city-dweller.

Speaking of Lent.. see what I did there?

I was going to muse this sobering phrase days ago for today, but it’s much better if JPII does it. Peace.

Wishing you a wonderful Lenten season.








  1. lois says:

    Don’t you want to run outside, wave your arms and tell the hawk, “Nothing to see here!” Course, he could decide that you might want to have dinner with him… Nature and I have different ideas about the food chain.

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    1. Same here, and yes — nothing to see here! In a perfect world, nothing would die anymore, and least of all to keep something else alive. Ah, may we ultimately be heading for the perfect world. 🙏

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  2. Ann Coleman says:

    I hope your daughter is well soon.

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    1. Thank you! 🌷 Me, too.

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