Narnalling around

Southern daughter sent me the cutest video today of her little girl, Nara, schmoozing with her canine *daughter* Rae-Rae (an easy, lovable, adoringly careful lab-boxer mix).

Mostly, though, Nara is toddling around with a pacifier in her mouth, picking up and flinging anything that is fling-able (like Grandma’s CareBear gift above — love-hug/fling, love-hug/fling!), then she turns to the camera and dramatically poses with hand on butt like an old (maybe) southern belle. At which point my video-ing daughter finally lost it and LOL’d!

Just minutes after that, I read that the Chinese *weather* balloon had drifted over to daughter’s state and was now above a nearby city, there. I texted daughter I was pretty sure they’re looking for that video.

Maybe they think Nara is a code of some sort. Who could blame them? If not for her father, Nara likely wouldn’t know her school name until she gets there. Right now, she’s Narns, The Narns, and Narnalls. Daughter has dropped the NarEEto, as best I can tell, but I certainly hope not!

It’s a tad cold, here. It seems to me we had many utterly freezing days like this in past years, like, every year — but that might’ve been before the new furnace. Even the new furnace says, “Uh, not happenin’ babe” today.

The sun and less wind means we’re coming back up from minus temps out there, and by tomorrow, the front room’s thermostat temp will read higher than its lowest marking. Soon, we’ll all go back to speaking fears about winter’s warming temps.

For now, I’m in a tiny weekend-vacated room — with a tower heater, a hot cup of coffee, and Stella D’Oro cookies.

I’m fully dressed and booted and have a parka on top of it all, of course, and the 400 degree oven’s door is wide open lest the kitchen mouse decide it’s warmer outside, but life is good (enough)!

However, I’m afraid to go feed grandson’s unheated aquarium of SpongeBob aficionados.. 😬🀞





  1. Lou Carreras says:

    It was one degree (F) here at nine in the morning, and a toasty ten now. The Greenhouse shop was ten this morning, and too cold for working in. Winter is wonderful ain’t it?

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    1. As I told southern daughter who escaped the madness, even the shorter deep freeze builds character. (She said she’d rather be her blah ol’ WARM self!) Looks like we’ll be good on Sunday/Monday, right? Hope you can get back into the shop soon after that.


      1. lois says:

        We were frozen at 35 (feels like 29) here in sunny Florida this morning. 🀣

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  2. lois says:

    Stella D’Oro cookies!!! Breakfast Treats and the Lady Stella cookies were my favorite. Sadly, they are nowhere to be found down here. I bet Jeff Bezos has stashes of them somewhere…

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    1. So does Carol *Bezos* — whaddya need? I’ll fix u right up πŸ˜‰ πŸ‘ Actually, I have the assortment in one box (since no one up here re-orders Stella’s Almond Toast πŸ™„) – but I’m never without these, at least.

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  3. FYI: Grandson’s fishies are okay.. grouchicles, maybe, but who isn’t??


  4. Ann Coleman says:

    She is absolutely darling!

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    1. 😊 TY! That photo is my new phone’s wallpaper / lockscreen image and it makes me smile EVERY time!

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