In 4 words..

Please bear with me.

A gift from daughter (as well)

September is being that weird Joaquin-Phoenix-with-beard-and-sunglasses time, except one can identify the dramas going on here (and the heart is aflutter in too different a way).

Or, I can’t find the time to make the desired changes to this ‘blog format, yet, and suspect it may only happen in the dead of winter.

That would be alright, except I recently found the newest poetry book to share from (I sort of bury things like that so I won’t overdose).

Also, if I don’t purposely read Scriptures with a view toward sharing a musing now and then, I won’t often enough find the time for that, either.

So, in brief, I’ll at least go visible again and maybe post and (thus) maybe even stop leaving mile-long comments at others’ ‘blogs. (I said maybe!)

Hopefully, though, at least the content here can change before heck freezes over. 🤞







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