Lines from the dark side of Venus

My toast is green
I’m not surprised
the ants dare spurn it
(and you all know
what rhymes with that
–but I didn’t burn it).

It’s Northeast August:
bannisters grew
extra grippy;
the heat’s been wet
the wet’s been hot
now I’m extra-snippyhungry.


I’m not actually kidding about any of it — but at least I’ve found a color-full title for my poetry book.

Husband served for two years in the Peace Corps in Thailand. He once said, “Oh, yes, the humidity was constant, but you get used to it.”

This man has also eaten insects. (And didn’t hate it.) Not sure he’s credible.

I’m okay with seeing Summer’s end — though It’s not like I can store anything valuable down cellar in our other 5 seasons, which I found out that first year with the built-in bookcases down there that had me so fooled..

Someone really should’ve labeled them: “For Painting Supplies, You Dufus.”

Well, there’s another potential title..🤔 Perhaps the day is shaping up!

Hope you’re neither hot nor humid. Green’s okay, though — I’m used to it.









  1. lois says:

    Rain and humidity. Just about every single day in August. I go outside and pow! My hair about explodes. Volumizing shampoo? No, thank you.

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    1. LOL! Ugh, here, too — and the 10-day forecast is a total crap-shoot for rain, but there are 144 hours until school — I’d better remind Him there’s a teen boy, two tweens of both delights, and 1 Tyrannosaurus-Kindergartener here who, unlike former generations, melt in the rain. “What’s that You said, Lord — ‘Plan B is that Amazon has headphones and your daughter has Prime shipping’? Right. Thank You!” 😬

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  2. granny1947 says:

    Love the bit about your husband.
    What kind of insects?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t recall now, nor exactly where that happened; I do know that he didn’t hate it, but thankfully, he also didn’t love it! 🤢

      Liked by 1 person

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