Goodwill comings AND goings..

Sometimes, I think I could be a saint (“friend of God”) if I could just find the right purse.

(About 6 ladies just nodded, “The struggle is real!” — and about 6 guys just said, “Wait.. what??”)

We all know I’d need more than the right purse (lightweight, goes with everything, can be arm bag, shoulder bag, crossbody — wristlets are out).

I would need to be on an island with no Internet. I’d need to tie a broken hat onto my head, throw on some old dusty cover-up, filmy glasses and run-down shoes every morn at some decent hour, and go out to feed His sheep whom He has (and I have) made my flock (Fr. Damien of Molokai).

And though I would not strip off the sole dusty tunic and lay upon the ground –“dust to dust”– at the end of life (St. Francis), I could perhaps be waked in a borrowed outfit and buried at the cost of those who found something of the Lord in me as I served the poor and disenfranchised (Peter Maurin).

Yesterday, I ripped apart a purse to alter it to fit the near-impossible bill, because I realized I have (social) lepers and (self-judged) poor to serve, and actually need the right habit (humility) far more than the right purse.

Not even Amazon can offer that, and lest you think you detect a budding halo here somewhere, know that I’ve loved the poor nearly all my life — AND that I just ordered a bracelet that matches one purse! šŸ¤¦

(Plus, we all know my kids [as is true for the personal libraries we build up for them for Someday] aren’t going to appreciate Mom’s taste in purses.šŸ˜‰)









  1. lois says:

    I think it would be great to pray to St Carol, patron saint of style mavens. A bracelet to match your purse–I love that!

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    1. LOL! The purse it matches is also Patricia Nash — a sizey tooled kiss-close wristlet (daughter got me one birthday) to which I added a side-body clip-on strap from a too small purse; it holds enough for church or store (or a music hall, if I lose my last marble). The matching bracelet will look so cool! Ya wanna hang out with me, now, don’t cha?šŸ˜‰

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      1. lois says:

        How have I never heard of old Patty Nash? I had to Google her! Dang. Me and my stodgy old Coach bag are heading your way. šŸ˜†

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  2. Ann Coleman says:

    I think the perfect purse is harder to find that the perfect swimsuit! Especially since my husband typically hands me his wallet and anything else he doesn’t want to put in his pockets and asks me to stick it in my purse. I don’t want to carry a suitcase around, but sometimes I feel as if I do!

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    1. (I had responded humorously to this, but realized it wouldn’t really be amusing until your husband is back to 100%.) Bathing suits are trickier, I think; we don’t have to also consider what a purse will look like when it’s wet! šŸ˜Š

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      1. Ann Coleman says:

        Don’t worry about responding with humor…that’s how we cope!

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