Flitting from branch to branch

The deck-sitters have been hoping I, too, would see the hummingbird who zips around out back and visits the bee balm just off the deck.

I’m fairly Irish, so I’m ambivalent about viewing that particular miracle. My first up close sighting of one, a jeweled green (and something I’d heartily longed for) happened many years ago as the dog was suffering on that hot bright Sunday morning in the side yard.

If I looked to the right, I saw the magnificent hummingbird. I so wanted to only look right, because when I looked to the left, I saw our dog who obviously needed us to bring him to the emergency vet. I kept my eyes left, but it really helped nothing at all, ultimately.

So, the others who don’t know or forgot the above will be glad to hear that their elusive hummingbird put on quite a show for me just outside my sit-down window. He tagged the swishy-tree (botanists hate me) up and up and over and over for some minute goodies!

That was actually the second hummingbird sighting of the week for me.

The day before, a 92-year old neighbor returning from Holy Hour (whose son hadn’t picked her up as arranged) yelled to the kids in the driveway to say she needed a ride home. They came in to tell me.

The timing was odd. Husband had asked to borrow the car to go over the border into another state probably to check out some wood repair job. I hesitated because I knew it didn’t have enough gas. He stormed off in a huff and didn’t hear that part. We don’t do well in heat..

It was a high 90s mid-afternoon indeed, and there she was, all garbed like a peasant (her word — and you can have no idea from my words what honor she attaches to it). Long skirt, sweatshirt, kerchief, long stockings — I half-died just looking at her.

She only lives around the corner from here, so it was a quick drive! She offered me the wad of bills she’d somehow readied, and I said to light a candle with that and pray for me, if she wanted.

“You need prayer??” She waited beyond my “Oh, yes” so I added, “Who doesn’t??”

She invited me in so she could show me Everpraying-Mary-In-The-Window up close. “And I light it at night, you know, for all the passers-by.”

I also saw Our Lady of Fatima standing in the corner in a most beautiful lace mantilla and pearl headdress and learned her backstory (the statue had no feet, was horizontal on the floor of the shop and the shop owner had said, “Want to make a donation?”).

I smiled thinking of how Mary’s feet never touch the earth anymore anyway — not in any apparitions that I know of.

St. Joseph was holding the Lord in another corner. And oh, here was some pendant of St. Anthony of Padua around the Fatima Lady’s neck.

“Do you know him?” she asked.

“O yes, since I was a child he has been the dearest of friends.”

I missed the story, but it was more of a stone and I could make out St. Anthony hugging Jesus on the Cross and being Hugged back.

“You can kiss it, if you want.”

“You read my mind!”

It was 1000 degrees in her house. She semi-apologized, “I usually only tell close friends, but I offer up the heat. If you come in here in the winter, you will half-freeze to death.,” she laughed.

It came as no surprise that she prays a lot, “sometimes all night.” I worried about her inwardly for a while, but she said she knows the Lord is with her there. She is “fine!”

“You know, a long time ago — and my husband and children laughed — I dreamed that He said that everyone who comes into this house will go to Heaven. Everyone. And again, thank you, I WILL pray for you — you come back anytime, okay?”

Mysterious ways, these hummingbirds of His.. just when something’s dying — a beloved dog, one’s blackened spirit — they come to Lazarus up the place a bit.






  1. Blooms and Thorns says:

    Thank you for sharing ..and God Bless you…I needed this story today! “Lazarus up the place a bit”!! Loved that

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d dithered about when to post it. Glad, now, that I nodded to today — and thank you. May God bless you, too.


  2. lois says:

    There is something about the older church ladies (older than us!!) saying they will pray for you. I feel so comforted.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen. I just hope she won’t sleep on the floor in prayer for me (like JPII did twice a month)… 😬

      Liked by 1 person

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