Lush times..

Ah, August — land of a thousand (more) celebrations!

At the front end of it is my now sister-in-law’s birthday. My first child was born in August (‘though expected 5 weeks later than that by all, which would’ve put him in the land of a thousand more celebrations).

August’s middle-ish sees in an anniversary whose specially-ordered marriage candle decades ago (which is lit every year for a while) “will (indeed) outlast us.”

Then comes third daughter’s birthday — our first child. A few days later is/was my mom’s birthday, though I tend now to think of her *departure* date as her real birth-day — her entrance into even greater life.

Not long after comes the time when daylilies and hosta have long gone to scraggly-flowered mess, the fat deck spiders posing as lower finials on the porch lights wrap it up for the season, and the crickets replace Spring peepers, ramping up their own poignant cacophony.

Day camp ends and school looms in those two weeks of utter boredom which are nonetheless (incongruously!) filled with anticipation.

Happy August to you.






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