No to ferrets, too, tyvm

I’ve thought in recent years (though before the Covid ones.. and still), “Am I going to regret this headshake?”

It’s a good question to ask one’s self, especially as time wears down.

It’s a hard “No” to more flea-bearing, heart-rendingly vet-vulnerable pets here in my lifetime. I’m okay with the gerbil, the fish, and the odd stinkbug. It’s hard to nap with any of them, but they’re okay with strange one-sided (to my knowledge) conversations.

Son insists (after a few brews) that whereas I’ve ruled out cats, dogs, rabbits or a second gerbil for ANY of us, he’ll be surprising us with a llama one day. I say, “Make that an alpaca, and I’m not sure they’ll let you bring it to my gravesite.”

It’s a softer No when it comes to joining husband on the summer deck located in the heart of hornet-by-day town, mosquito-bat country by night. There’s one sweet spot out there — approximately from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Sometimes a hummingbird will revisit the bee balm, popping up now and then to hairy-eyeball the deck-sitters.

The meowful catbird bathes then for the second or third time, and at least two robins will race each other for the underground tacos they can hear / feel / smell?

If one lingers a bit out there toward realdark, and it’s neither still broiling nor steamy, and one doesn’t look up and can stand 4 mosquito bites in places one doesn’t even have, there will be a yardful of lightning bugs against the backdrop of darkening trees to behold together. Like kids do, except silently.

I’m even all set with whale watch cruises, now, and with canoeing rivers. Real hikes are out of the equation, as is bicycling vehicle-used roads. I won’t regret these No’s.

If not for having to shelter, feed and fox-protect chickens (or peeping ducks ♥️), it’d be a softer no. The folks in the half-million+ dollar condos next to us would likely welcome an alpaca more, considering my preferred peepings one day become quackings. An alpaca needs another alpaca, though..

Beekeeping is out, too, much to husband’s dismay this time. Extremely hard No.

The No’s I’ll regret are those that mean much more to folks. So, although the two kids I was watching yesterday afternoon / evening anticipated nothing much after supper and dessert, I took them to a school playground and later for ice creams.

There was a sweet spot at the playground, too.

Looking forward to tonight’s fireflies.







  1. lois says:

    You have fireflies?! I’ve not seen them in forever.

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    1. Aw🙁 (We have trees & bushes on all 4 sides.) I’ll bet you have more than the ONE dragonfly we might see once a year, right?

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      1. lois says:

        I think he might be a snowbird dragonfly. 😆

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  2. Live & Learn says:

    No regrets on handshakes – knuckle bumps we go. Bring on the fireflies!

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  3. granny1947 says:

    M will not hear of another dog.
    I would love one.
    But, probably not a good idea.

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    1. We only had one here, dead for a decade now, but even years later, husband occasionally said, “I’m so glad we don’t have a dog.” 🙄


  4. Mike U. says:

    The first time I saw a firefly was at age 41 when I moved to Shreveport, Louisiana for a brief time. Magical. My area (Four Corners states) is too dry for fireflies. As for alpacas…well, I was attacked by one once on my sister’s little farm. It was a sudden, violent attack and it left me with scratches and bruises and a bite mark on my head, as well as hoof marks on my ribcage. Those beasts can be dangerous. It had been giving my sister and her family problems for a while. They asked me to care for their place while they went on vacation, and that’s when it happened. When they found out, they sold the beast to a guy who then butchered and devoured the ungodly creature. No kidding. What a surreal experience that was, and whenever I tell anyone about it, everyone laughs (well, except me). So, at least for me, it’s an extremely hard NO for alpacas. 😀 (When I recall the attack, it’s almost as though the Benny Hill Show theme song is playing in the background…) 🙂

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    1. Wow, sorry about the attack! (And I watched Benny Hill for about 12 minutes, once — missed the theme song, lol!) I’d thought alpacas were nicer than llamas, but either way, we don’t even have half an acre here on the edge of downtown! No animals happening here!

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