“It’s all gone crazy!”

There goes another Ignatian making me think! One could almost refer to them as the Society of God-Thinkers. Somehow (through massive schooling and life-soaking prayer!), Jesuits hit that middle ground that is so reasonable, so much “God is no stranger.”

If a Jesuit has ever verbally grabbed someone by the brown Scapular and shook them, I can’t imagine it. They do not shy away from God’s omnipotence whatsoever, but *somehow* they manage, rather, to always say, “Look Who’s here!”

Hence, it was a double thrill that Habemus Papam day to find that the first “Francis” pope ever is also the first Jesuit pope ever! The best of all possible worlds, that.

Anyway, I am thinking about what has captured my attention (and how it is causing me problems in its distraction / not bringing it to God).

How similar that seems to the first time you almost dial your loved one’s phone number after he or she has passed, because he or she is the one being who could help you through this!

I’ve hit that third (and last?) round of dyings; first, it was young peers via vehicle accidents and ‘Nam; then, it was in the middle decades of the sandwich generation.. until we ourselves replaced the top piece of bread (our elders) and watched our own *kids* become the middle; now, it’s our peers again who are dying off one by one. I wasn’t ready for the first two rounds; this third one is no different. I think it can be, though.

And really, who (besides the Pope) these days doesn’t feel somewhat hopeless about Ukraine and Europe’s (and our?) ‘Nam-like trap (this time with nukes), or about the global virus, global warming, global economies, global ethnic *cleans*ings, global abuse, global displaced, global hatreds, global politics, and all the global distractions from God (and from the sacraments)?

Well, God hasn’t passed. He IS, always. My heart really needs to dial Him. He always answers.







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