So far, it’s been a week and a half since Thursday afternoon.

I rearranged, cleaned, repaired, ordered almost-needed things, menu-planned for 2 or 3 meals both here and away for 10 of us and thus food-shopped my asp off — and even held off on perfect weather oceaning for a second Sunday because tomorrow was going to be IT, was going to be when everyone took the day off from everything and we’d all gather seaside for a day-long picnic with the Midwest loved ones who never see the ocean anymore.

There has been a heat wave all these thousands of hours since Thursday afternoon (my math is different). I fortuitously came across an oscillating fan down cellar that I’d never unboxed; put it together to find the manufacturer did not enclose the most-needed screw collar that holds everything together.

Hauled out the matching black duct tape and got it working, even oscillating, uh, until last night. *Fixed* it again, but not oscillating-wise — will switch it out for the one in the kitchen.

They faced their travel (and other) anxieties head-on — even got on the plane out in the Midwest — and then came the pilot’s apologetic announcement of an hour’s delay due to t-storms from hell.

An hour (or more?) on board. On the tarmac. No air conditioning. The line of storms meant everyone the whole way including NYC airports were rerouting…

Delayed by hours? Possibly layover’d? More expense? Possibly cancelled? Our people deplaned and got their baggage, and they’re not coming.

Long story made less unbearable, I wasn’t going to post for these additional 3 days that our loved ones would be in our region, but there you are: I needed to do something that didn’t involve labor beyond making lemonade with these lemons.

I’ve learned 3 things:

~ Fly/advise flight to/from the Northeast only in glorious September (unless there’s a family wedding coming up in December);

~ move somewhere that never approaches 100 degrees (and hasn’t used duct tape more than twice);

~ go to the ocean on perfect ocean weather Sundays.

It is pouring rain out there; I’m going to go eat something delicious, think about nothing for a while except maybe swearing off on beefing at everyone for messing up, and aim for the ocean tomorrow anyway. Or Sunday.










  1. lois says:

    ‘matching black duct tape’–the South just canonized you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. L O L!!! Well, from the South’s mouth to God’s ear — I need all the help I can get! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ann Coleman says:

    I’m so sorry! And I agree about when to fly and where to live….

    Liked by 1 person

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