Looking back, and ahead

Every now and then, I am graced by some split-second yet full visual thought.

One was of Christ. All were, actually. From each new wound of love upon His body, with each gash of the hateful scourge, each deep piercing of the thorns (a crown of deformed leaves gone rock-hard — or, us), more light broke forth into the world.

Another was of Shared memories, like perhaps with a twin brother. It was of “We.” Laughter. Excitement. Happiness. It was as if He was with me every day of my life, in the good, in the horrible — and if with me every day, then also with sacred you. We just don’t know it. If we do, we forget.

Another was in a desert-quiet setting, there at the foot of His living Cross, where my horrendous sins and failures were now not even mosquitoes. There was no need to fear looking up into those Eyes. “Look where you are,” His breath said, “Is there anything you can’t ask?”

Indeed, the Emmaus’d heart is left burning for some time — not renewed, but rather, life! At last!

For me, life and sin and failure go on. But no, there isn’t anything I can’t ask.

♥️ Taking a bit of a break from WP.









    1. Glad you enjoyed, and thank you.


  1. Americaoncoffee says:

    I can only think of yesterday being gone, if a person did not leave something behind.

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