This was after his first impeachment..


I couldn’t resist. There are people who need to wake up and smell the tires of the bus he rolls everyone under as soon as they are useless to him — including voters.

The televised Jan. 6 insurrection- / crimes-based hearings have been very interesting. Looks like they may not wrap up as soon as some thought, because new witnesses and new testimony to Jan. 6 are — like June — bustin’ out all over!

At this moment, my dream team for a new Administration would surely include Liz Cheney, Adam Kinsinger, and Mitt Romney. I’m an Undeclared voter (no preferred Party) and I like true Americans for any American offices — no fat-cat autocrats, lying fraudsters, traitorous colluders, coup d’tat wannabes (nor even any two-face’rs or mealy-mouthed partisan wrist-slappers).

My own Governor, like Liz, Adam, and Mitt is a Republican, too, but also like them he is an American one and (both sadly and happily for me) wants to stay Governor here for as long as possible instead of running for a bigger office. Fine.

The next televised Jan. 6 hearing will be this Thursday at 8 Eastern time or so on at least one major channel. Bennie Thompson won’t be there (Covid!), and Thursday is grandson’s 18th birthday (party) so I may not be tuning in at all, but would if I could.

*”Secret Service turns over one Jan. 6 phone text to J6 panel.” 1? Welllll, no wonder Pence refused to get into their car that ominous day, before his certifying the results.

In other/general/summer news, there are fireflies everywhere this year — even out front — omigosh, and we’ve found that our possibly dying ancient oak tree is (with the squirrels’ acorn-burying help) making sure oak-life goes on, here. There are now little and medium oak trees just everywhere as well! In some of the spots, it’s where ancient maples are dying. How did the squirrels know?






  1. lois says:

    I didn’t know about Bennie. I’ll still be sitting there, front and center, even still. Liz, Adam and Mitt are like a dream team. Add Susan Collins and Lisa M to the mix and I am there for it.

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    1. Lois, I can’t believe some Americans think Trump was sent by God. Not even Putin thinks that. These hearings are waking some of 45’s fellow former Republicans in office, thank God — and no doubt for some, this December 2020 plan that is being slowly but surely revealed is the excuse needed to free themselves of him at last (and way too late for 5 people and 138 injured police officers). “Be there on Jan. 6, will be wild!” Indeed, over 3 hours of wild, as wild as his verbally approving the mob’s “Hang Pence!” Ugh. No, it was not God who sent us a narcissistic spoiled brat.

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