Neverending story

I have labored under the conclusion that God has got this. He has got us.

There I was, minding my own business, ignoring God’s, when He by some means suggested that although my father couldn’t make it here as a person of whom others had expectations, he’s had a much fairer shot at it beyond here.

When all the noise and pain and struggle and guilt and missed opportunities and tears and loneliness and self-medicating are removed from the equation, so that one has a much clearer grasp on Who it is who loves one, Who it is who champions one from morning until night, from conception to final parting of shores, how could one not be living one’s best life?

It is good to have a framework for a Godview, it is necessary, really. He is mystery. He is God! However, there are some moments when He reminds us in His own way Who He Is. To us. It is better to grasp Him even now.





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