Saving for a lava lamp..

Remember when we used to sing along, “It’s a turn down day…” ?

Well, me either, really, but the Southern kids did make it home safely, everything virus-y is holding super-boringly alright-ish here, and I did see a butterfly this morn! (Not a Monarch, but same size and yellow with black stripes. A sign of positive things to come, one article said. 🤔..)

I thought about snapping a photo of it, but I got caught up in all the exaggerated cyrcling.😉 (Plus, the phone camera was 17 paces away.)

Anyway, that’s two great did‘s and a tolerable is. I can dig it.

Just wanted to update you on things, and to get this looping song out of my head by getting it stuck in yours!

Nonetheless, peace! Stay well.







  1. granny1947 says:

    Yes, 17 paces is a long way!!!

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  2. Ann Coleman says:

    Glad they made it home okay!

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    1. Thank you! 😊

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