O, DO shed Your grace on us

After having watched and heard last night’s first televised hearing on the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on democracy via an incited attack on the Capitol to overturn its election certification (if not to also “kill Speaker Pelosi!” and “hang VP Pence!”) — after watching and hearing day in and day out for years of why this investigative committee would one day be necessary not least of all after the smearing and loss of diplomats, the withdrawals from sane treaties, and after two impeachments — I’d be disheartened to think nearly half the country might still not be moved to hold accountable ALL the clearly treasonous convictables.

We might all agree that this deadly, maiming, traumatic day was not politics as usual — but we may not agree that its grievously earned fruits of accountability are not a partisan effort or ruse (the committee is being led by two Republicans, after all). To me, this investigation seems as clearly non-partisan as the attempted dirty double-crossing of Ukraine for re-election purposes was nothing but partisan.

There were probably some Reagan portraits on the walls of my neighbors at one time (or still!), but they likely wouldn’t reside so near the portraits of Jesus and Mary like JFK’s portrait was placed throughout my childhood. It turned out, however, that neither of these faulty humans of opposite parties walked on water.

I accept that, but for everyone’s sake, we ought to think about why we loved them for America — and thus, realize what minimizing and askewness we’ve settled for since then.

After this, I hope it’ll also be explored in hearing or trial depth how boxes upon boxes of White House documents came to be spirited away unto a Florida residence. Hopefully, we’ve got them all back. This event really cannot be blamed on earth’s magnetic force, nor could its gravity have been misunderstood at the time of the unlawful taking.

So, once again, we hope for justice. SOME justice. ANY justice. So much was incited even well before Jan. 6, and people died and were injured and intimidated for it. A national pandemic, that, even before and then also with the global pandemic; the lack of everything humanly decent in elected leadership boggles the mind.

These hearings, like all investigative matters, committees and hearings in the last few years especially, aren’t entertainment as usual, either, for those of us who believe (along with our forefathers) that our country is worth being protected from the inside as well. This is a sad time in our history, but let’s get both the light and the medicine (credence and justice) to it at last.

I’m preaching mostly to the choir again, I know — but there may be some readers both here and abroad who don’t grasp the enormity. This infamous day and all that led up to it is enormous indeed. A nation’s democracy is its bedrock. It must be protected from a coup, whether the willful reign of lies be Russian or American.








  1. granny1947 says:

    Politics and politicians suck!

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    1. Some surely do. But if some politicians consistently try their best to uphold a constitution and listen to their constituents (IF the constituents contact them!) and not knee-jerk toe the party line, I’ll help vote for those. It beats the terrible alternative.


  2. Mike U. says:

    Totally agree with you. It’s a sad day when our democracy hangs by a thread because so many people believe so many lies (and easily debunked lies, at that) and have resorted to violence (both threats and acts) in their fealty to a monster. I watched the first hearing last night and plan to watch all the remaining hearings. This is as serious as it could possible be. If we fail to hold the monster and his lackeys accountable, it’s all over for our democracy. Thanks for speaking out on this. America is worth saving, no matter the cost.

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    1. She is. Dear God, she is indeed. And u just made my eyeballs sting from that truth spoken aloud and from an affirmation I was no way, no how expecting.🌷

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