I love when one of the kids texts me a photo that’s a blast from the past or a meme they know I’ll enjoy.

“What?? We’re puppies!”

(Captured a million years ago, when I was both first-grandson-sitting and first-granddog-sitting.)

And this one from a few days ago. “Remember that one, Mumma– the one with all the spikes?”

“Hold my root beer and watch this!”

Or the “Ack! Not the moo outfit!!”

“That’s IT, folks — I’m outta here! Um, almost..”

I didn’t save it, but one texted a photo of the price at a gasoline pump in California around May 28 ($6+ for a gallon of regular).

There’s also the occasional YEEHAA!!/O DEAR LORD!! front-facing camera moment, forwarded to at least one Grandma for posterity ..

“This is the greatest toy EVER!!”








  1. lois says:

    So cute…all of them, but that puppy photo makes me smile. Gas went up $1 in two days down here, and all the gas stations are offering is regular unleaded. Diesel is crazy high, wherever you can find it.

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    1. Wow.. Well, I’m sure we and certainly Cali have gone up, too, like every day or so! I know about 50,000 young diesel pickup truck drivers up here who must be looking for a second job right about now. Ugh. Oh, gosh, the puppy photo.. honestly! He kept on copying little Smiley that sunny morn, every move. She didn’t mind. šŸ™‚

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