She went there..

Earlier, I read a small number of articles about the sure-to-be-approved-here Novavax vaccine in wide use already in other nations. I’ll be reading up on it more, but here‘s an article that wasn’t overly science-y. Here is another.

I have been hoping for a more ethically-derived vaccine. Apparently, 10% ethics-hesitant-SARS-unvaccinated Americans have been hoping for a non-fetal-stem-cell-derived vaccine.

It may seem a sneer-at-able percentage, but 10% of a population of 332.5million is HUGE.

An article by a Catholic doctor in the Midwest was where some sneering came in. A Catholic friend of mine once said of similarly “Oh, you big dopes!” occurrences, “Just take the meat and leave the bones.” Great advice!

Doc reminds us that most of the big vaccines currently in use here don’t contain actual fetal stem cells. The technological manipulation of the stem cell lines means the vaxxs are many generations removed from the original aborted fetuses of the 70s.

He also reminds us that the Pope said we could licitly receive any vaccine available to us — he neglected to mention that the Pope speaks to the whole world of Catholics in that, which includes nations that may not be as well-supplied as some nations are. (Some are still waiting for ANY consistent supply of vaccine.)

He left out everything else the Pope said of the pandemic vaccines (at least a year ago): Our lives are sacred, too, as are the lives of others who may get sick from our not vaccinating, and the Pope finished up by speaking very seriously to pharma/med to come up with more ethically-derived vaccines (and with wider and more affordable therapeutical virus meds) ASAP.

The fact is, the Pope didn’t say any of it infallibly. Very little is EVER declared infallibly. That was his informed Catholic if Pope-ly opinion, which I feel is 1000% pastorally right! I suspect the Pope would understand quite well any American’s hesitance to avoid even indirect involvement with a life-stopping practice that has become a national *right,* here, which resulted in 1.5million deaths/year — at least while forced terminations were still countable.

Doc couldn’t withstand the urge to point out that if vaccine hesitancy is about ethics (or, “Thou hypocrites!”), then folks will want to not use other fetal-stem-cell-line involved products like ____ and ___ and ____. Right, doc; how about giving a full list? Ethics matter, too.

Anyway, this Novavax vaccine is of a protein means that affects SARS viruses. The only cell lines that may be involved in this vaccine’s formulation are those of moths.

There’s a Novavax-denied and utterly unconfirmed rumor that one of the human stem cell lines was briefly and minimally involved somewhere along the way. Well, ALL but one vaccine (retinal cells) falls under those “brief, minimal involvement” parameters. That’s no doubt why some folks are still looking, not vaxxing, but it is welcomed news so far.

As best I can tell, Novavax’s two-shot efficacy is so far proven (as proven as any of them can be) to be as good at minimizing serious/deadly infection as the other vaccines, side effects are no more a concern than with the other vaccines (except for J & J’s clotting threat), and immunity length seems to be similar as well.






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