Many questions; some have answers..

We’ve found out why one of the two sick middle kids is sick, because we had only the one Binax home-test left.


We’re not too worried — these two (and their older and younger brothers) are not compromised and are very hardy, overall, but the youngster testing Positive does spell some effects we could’ve also done without.

Only the two adult males here are vaccinated, so, timewise, quarantining means that the Positive youngster will likely miss his soccer playoffs Saturday — after all these months of games and practice; his sister will miss (also Saturday) her grammar school’s 5K that she’s been training for (also for months). Her first.

The high-schooler is already out for the rest of the year because of this, not sure of daycare’s parameters, and none of us will be going to the movies/babysitting come Thursday!

This trial-by-virus could prove to be even more a menace. Hence, I ask your protective prayers/good wishes for all 4 kids and their perhaps even more vulnerable mom, please. Thank you. 🌷♥️

Indeed, at least for now, I remain more concerned about random mass shootings here in America and, of course, the decimation of Ukraine (and its potential horizontal slide).

There was a 12-hour spot where I didn’t check the news a couple days ago and then went to sleep for a bit. Come morning, I found there’d been 3 mass shootings (general consensus for the definition of mass shooting now is 4 or more shot/injured in one event or place — not counting the shooter).

When I checked the news yesterday, I saw that I had missed the other SEVEN mass shootings from over the weekend. 10 mass shootings after Uvalde, whose victims weren’t even all buried yet.

Pennsylvania, So. Carolina, Tennessee, Texas (again), Arizona (2!), Nebraska, Virginia, Georgia, Michigan.

At least 15 dead and over 60 wounded this weekend, some very critically. Those who survive won’t ever be the same on the inside no matter what other things may prove healable, and too many will likely be literally impoverished as well by surgical/medical care and rehab costs, etc..

75 more people whom the (mostly) Republicans can easily dismiss as collateral damage for their collectively maintaining individual gun *rights* based on an amendment that did not anticipate such irresponsible abuse and its egregious effects on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We can’t safely pursue anything anywhere anymore.

How? How do the “no limits on guns” crowd even sleep at night? Please don’t re-elect any of them, if you get that chance, and I’m hoping conservative *life-respecting* “Oh, but it’s just the *bad guys*”-apologists of the civilian kind won’t darken my doorway, either. I have no patience left for what now seems blinded gun-lust.

In 2021 unto June 6, there’d been 246 mass shootings in America. In 2022 unto June 6, guess what: Same number. 246 mass shootings..

Kudos galore to the man who gave up his guns after Uvalde.

“Ownership isn’t worth this,” he said.

Prayers today for us all in this nation, and for all those in Ukraine who face even worse violence every day; all the carnage is 100% unwarranted.








  1. lois says:

    Oh, and that little sh*t, Killer Kyle is out there blasting away. And lying, just for the heck of it. If ever a jury delivered a wrong verdict…
    Good luck with the kids. You guys are still in school? Schools here let out last week.

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    1. Yep, I don’t think we had any snow days to make up this year, so if not, we’d be out on the 16th (we probably also start later). As for Kyle, well, the courts did Kyle no favors by releasing him from responsibility for murders — and I’m thinking that much more besides his handy color and *wrenching sobs* worked in his (temporary) favor. 🤦

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  2. granny1947 says:

    I agree.
    One does not know what to stress about next.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, so far, the toilet paper is keeping pace with the two who have the galloping trots, but I hope (the virus) won’t become the number 1 worry.


  3. JoAnna says:

    I’m praying for protection for you and your kids and hope for laughter and comfort for all of you. Also, that those with blinded gun lust to come to their senses.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, and, amen to folks coming to their senses.

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