Except for the evergreens which now ring this house around (which you may see someday if those yards ever get cleaned up because I really don’t want to haul out the winter heavy-snow photos as proof), this lushness all happened since about mid-May!

Thankfully, it will depart much more slowly, but the greening was an utter whoosh-and-a-half this Spring! Even the evergreens exploded forth.

I wish I had a better camera for capturing such and posting here, but I was looking out at my two favorite trees and saw that their branches are likely going to touch this house next year!

Someone may want to do something about that. It isn’t and won’t be me! As with the wood paneling in two rooms that I fought to keep, along with the dining room’s red painted walls and wood-colored trim — I love these guys! Their canopies and shade, swish and spike, and how they help hide some dead maples’ branches. They are so easy on the eyes –and a soul needs them in a 5-month winter!

I grew up in the city. I probably need say no more. I won’t let that stop me, though: There were not even sidewalk trees in most of the places I lived out my childhood. Trees were all in the back yards of kids who challenged me to climb them. I fudged my way out of it all until I could get some secret practicing in!

Even the little swishy-tree that somehow took root in the base of the left driveway maple burst into sheer craziness this year — new growth outward and upward.


The lone oak out back — perhaps older than all other trees here, has had a great deal of squirrel-assistance in reproducing..


He waters the things I can’t see..

Atop Springer JJ’s tombstone; both the Franciscan and Big Jay would approve.

and last..

No one but the 4-legged sits here anymore; it’s just extra eye-candy for that extra month of winter sometimes!







  1. lois says:

    I have new neighbors next door. Big city folk who don’t quite understand a small town. And hurricanes. Oh, dear. They told they didn’t want any tree branches hanging over their house/garage and some of mine did. I smiled and said it’s fine to trim them back but I’d be out there with a ruler. Smiled, but dammit, I mean it. They don’t get it. They can trim back my branches, but the tree in the backyard neighbor’s yard would do hella lot more damage if it fell on their house. I might need St Francis.

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    1. LOL! I hear you! You’ll recall that a non-arborist neighbor here did us the clean-up favor of hacking every evergreen and completely removing the most beautiful evergreen I’d been purposely growing, marveling over, and anticipating picnics with grandson under, once the damnable barrenness and frozen river of winter was done lessening me. Uh, that was not a fun message I left when he wisely didn’t pick up his phone. I also put up a No Trespassing sign — we have since made up and even laughed, but he didn’t get it, either, until that wrenching day. It’s never “just a tree” right?

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  2. Trees bring back so many memories…

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    1. Only good ones, I hope!

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  3. Mike U. says:

    All that luxurious green! Instant soul-cleanse! You’re so fortunate to have a host of trees to keep you company. Gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Incredibly blessed! (Just beyond and down a sharp hill from the side trees is a river!) The green truly IS a soul-cleanse! It’s hard to stand under enormous limbs and remain as cranky as before!

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  4. granny1947 says:

    Wow. What a wonderful garden.

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    1. Thank you, and yes –that’s why it’s so hard to lose it bit by bit every Fall, and then it’s completely gone for months and months through all kinds of coldness, except for the blessed evergreens!


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