Once in a lifetime

I’ve let it slip that for my next birthday, I’m planning a girls night out with QEII.

With her “friend” of decades gone from her side, she might want to let loose this year. I’d have to sign an oath to not let her get tattooed. NP (and I should draw one up, too..).

However, if she wants to just grab a bottle of bubbly, load up the Jeep with the Corgis and Dorgis and visit the swans like we did last year, I’m alright with that. She knows I’m much too old for a horseback ride.

🙂 All kidding aside, I marvel at this Grand Dame. No one’s perfect, and sure, she’s had doors opened for her, but she ever-increasingly seems a woman and a half to me. 70 years of daily committing to do her best? That alone is reason enough for a jubilee.

I am rejoicing over this big day.






  1. lois says:

    You and me, both! Long live the Queen.

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    1. *adds Lois to the party* 🤗

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