Cor ad cor 1

Oh, but sometimes it doesn’t flash before your eyes. Sometimes, it takes months.. perhaps years.

Yes, some days, it dawdles — lingers — on the smallest of smalls, until your old heart catches up.

The sweetness of gratitude could melt you. It does melt you, and you have to tell someone.

It is beyond amazing to then move on to the bigs of your life — to the magnificents! How? How is it that I have been so honored to..?

Indeed, I think gratefulness may be the ageless, timeless, wonder-filled condition of your oldest heart — your soul — that you hardly let live in adulthood.

Oh, but this.. this is how one ought to face Him, ever:


Quietly, genuinely overwhelmed.

Then, your pleas for them — deep pleas for today.. for tomorrow — could not be more forthcoming, could not be more honest.

Honest is what we were once, with no fear. And here it is: We can get back to it.. but we cannot lose our sweetest gratitude ever again. This is the praise He most desires, which turns out to be exactly what we wish to give.


I’ve hardly looked around yet, but these have caught my eye today in resonance:

This is how important You, God, are.

..immense sound of the promises..








  1. Thank you!! You are such a Blessing in this world. Namaste’.

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    1. Thank you! As are you — your posts reassure us of His heart for us, and we have never needed that more. Namaste!

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  2. Simone E says:

    Beautiful post and burst of inspiration! Thank you dear ☺️

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    1. 🌷☺️

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