I’m falling behind here on WP. I’ll catch up soon on the ‘blog-reading but perhaps not on posting for a while longer, after this.

“‘Caption’? I need no caption!”

I’m readying for a 3-week visit from relatives (one of whom’s never been here!) and have encountered a new wrinkle — possibly a honeybee problem in the only closet on this floor!

Was every soon-needed baby thing, rollaway bed, all bedding for this floor, and ongoing half-packed suitcases for December’s wedding trip in there?

Sure, they were!

Now, they’re not! πŸ˜–

I’ve often created storage space where most people think they don’t have places.. I hope there’s a prize for that, but all I know for sure is that if someone gets wheelchair bound again, he may have to be lowered down through a hole opened up in the roof. 🀦

There’s some big news out there I’d like to comment upon, but it’s likely better if I don’t.

Politico’s amazing leak (yes!), this (yes!), and the fact that Ukraine’s besieged and now-constantly shelled Azovstal steel plant has lost contact with the outside world today. πŸ’”

May the Lord surprise us yet again with a break of some sort for the oppressed who are facing death for NO GOOD REASON.

And so, that’s it for today — and for a while, from here.

Wishing a Happy Mothers Day🌷 on Sunday to all who mother anyone. May God continue to bless our every effort, and may He first console Ukraine’s mothers and grandmothers (as well as their widowers and children, as the case may be).






  1. lois says:

    Enjoy the little movie star. Oh, those pink shades!!!!! 😍

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    1. As soon as I get editing time, I’ll post some hatted photos of Madame. She’s got such a regal air, lol. She’s using it on her mom from 5″ away in one photo where the laughing Mom’s caption is, “Apparently, teaching middle and high school didn’t provide enough judgment in my life!” Gosh, I can’t wait. We’ve not been face-to-face since she was weeks old!

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      1. lois says:


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      2. ☺️ Thank you!


  2. granny1947 says:

    Enjoy your visitors.
    Mothers Day.
    Wonder how many of my kids will remember.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😳 They’d better ALL remember! 🌷


  3. Priti says:

    Thank you for your beautiful wishes i am a mom.😊😊πŸ₯°

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