In bright days of Spring

Every day this week through to Sunday is still Easter, so, once again — Happy Easter!

It’s been a varied week of battling a cold, battling someone’s seriously disrupting buttinskyism, and helping here-daughter re-do a room upstairs while she also tries to ready for a week-long vacay down south with 4 kids from 4.5 to 17. The laundering and packing of summer clothes and bags alone has been a heroic undertaking! She has a small sedan, but she’s done it before, so…..

Other than that, my window on the world has proved a quiet spot — at least on my side of it!

It was a 5-squirrel morning a couple of days ago. One of those miscreants found an Easter Bunny’d egg on Sunday:

Hope s/he still has teeth!

Two goldfinches sat on the opposing feeders one noontime in the sun. They weren’t eating, so I presumed they were flirting. Or maybe it was just a sunbathing out of the strong wind. I prefer the flirting idea. The sit went on for at least 15 minutes; I finally gave up on grandfinches.

After a while, a rather overstuffed mourning dove chose the top of one of the feeders to self-bathe upon. He’d have made a fine cat.

A red-winged blackbird yesterday did its best to balance on a tiny birdfeeder perch, flapping the whole while and scree-ing a couple of times like a hawk which fortunately didn’t attract any!

However, I did spot a pink ribboned adorbs from a different window:

Love, love, love…

Maybe she’s thinking that some other Easter day, she’ll be one of those who gets one of these sets from her Auntie who knows the Easter Bunny personally:

More chocolate under it all??

I think that’s what she was saying here:

Mama, Dada, take me North next Easter!

When things got too bright in my usual window, I drew down a paper shade.. the lilac bush just beyond the window became a Japanese screen:

Another gift unexpected.

I hope your unexpected gifts are abundant, too.








  1. granny1947 says:

    I wish we had such a variety of bird life.
    However, we don’t encourage them.
    Damn cats from next door.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I couldn’t encourage them OR chipmunks for many years of our constant cats and a dog (and a half — when daughter’s Jack Russell later lived with us!), but for about a decade now, it’s been the birds’ turn (and the chipmunk’s, and the winter bunny’s). It’s been a nice change!


  2. Lou Carreras says:

    It sounds like a pretty happy Easter week, and a great birding week too. The goldfinches’ coloration is getting bright again around here, but lucky you to have spotted the red-winged blackbird. I love their song, but I’ve only heard it in the distance this spring.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’ve been mixing in with the grackles — and we usually don’t get those here, either!


    2. Ps — this one didn’t make his regular song, but I love it, too!


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