Unexpected, yet not..

One more post before I get back to it.

I realize Catholics have a problem with this song (and some have problems with all things human except sheer perfection; thankfully, Jesus worked with that), but as I see it, Mary was a teen at the time, and though she’s been chosen from all of time and of course would’ve been sinless, when did she know she was the Immaculate Conception?

How much did she know, and when? She knew plenty by the time of the wedding at Cana, yes — and knew too much of the mission on the Via Dolorosa. Before then, though, she had humanly marveled at the Angel’s news. She humanly marveled, too, when young Jesus disappeared from the caravan.

She pondered many things in her heart from the Annunciation onward. And I love that someone sings of her contemporarily, from a time before the world understands or believes Salve Regina.

I don’t know who on the other side of the veil has a problem with it, but apart from Mass/Rosary and apart from seeing statues of Mary everywhere in Ireland, I don’t hear about or see Mary reflected anywhere. Do you?

Does He mind the song? Does she? I can’t.

Daughter who had never heard it, had stumbled upon the Pentatonix version and was blown away:


Years before, I’d listened to / watched every version and asked if she’d ever heard Cee Lo’s version. I thought it might be the signing one I’d loved. It was indeed:


God bless the artists, human though they be, who break through in our day. We need to realize the divine King and Queen Who replaced our original parents Adam and Eve, and Who may seem far off, are not: Jesus and Mary were fully human.


🦋 The peace of Christ and that of all in His Kingdom be with you.