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Below is a list of ‘bloggers I Follow/appreciate who don’t seem to get a lot of exposure, and they should! When I have more time, I’ll come back in and link it all up, but (alphabetically) for now:

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Fr. Ron Perry, SJ, spiritphoto

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The Jesuit Post








When an old love is such that in your mind
you tenderly lay a hand on a Polish forearm
with light brown hair and a couple of moles
and wordlessly pat it as if it were a sleeping
infant though it would be as fine if he woke
(and it is now forty-five years after the fact
and you’ve bookmarked his photo obituary
and seek for anyone who remembers him,
and cannot explain how it opens the Door)
you can know this love wasn’t only of God–
it was (is!) just as John the Evangelist says.