Whatever one has more than enough of..

He said,
“You planted the seed in us all,
Indeed, but sign and sacrament
traded in for tatts and guns
gave me the grayest of hairs
“–the rest is up to us, now.”
And now he fears onward
with the others,
and faux-fierce peers
and Godless armories
water the holy seed unto
full petrification.
Meanwhile, many dither
over gimme-boosters–
and possibly late gifts!
A murmur of frustration
is unspoken but heard,
“FFS, Ethiopia who?
Give us Barabbas.”




Next up, St. Valentine’s Day..

Can I just say it?

I don’t like Halloween.

Whew — that felt good!

Let the rotten-tomato barrage begin!

The only other time greeting cards for my two little girls from their paternal grandmother 6 hours away had spooked me was when some arrived for St. Valentine’s Day.

“Dear God,” I’d thought then, “Am I, too, supposed to secularly celebrate another holiday we can’t afford??”

Halloween, though? Few like Jack Skellington’s crazy-patient and utterly intrepid g/f, Sally, more than I do, but Halloween has gotten to be both overdone and underdone..

Maybe we could just call it Trick-or-Treat Night? Our (now!) next-to-youngest granddaughter is trying to cover all the costume bases this year: She’s going to be “a monster princess who flies.”

Oh.. and what? Half your face will be painted what? (Still can’t visualize it!)

However, having just bought (as maternal grandmother endless hours away) a Halloween card, a Thanksgiving card AND a Christmas card for the newest and shiniest of us all who is only 5 days old today, I understand, now: Sometimes, the Grandma-hugs and -kisses will simply have to arrive in card form — and every holiday is an excuse, even when I’ll be seeing her in person!

Yes, I cling to the delusion that someone in her (new generation) fam still believes in baby books to stick alllll the greeting-cardz into.

Otherwise, Halloween — like all those others we also celebrate from the seasonal aisles — is a religious holiday with religious roots. Actually, Halloween (the abbreviated “hallowed evening”) is a dual religious holiday..

Tap, tap.. hello? Did you just fall asleep?? It’s okay — she did, too:

Happy Fifth-Day, Nara!
Grandma O.