Down the ages

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It should be found odd to be living in a time when “nothingburger” is not only a thing, but is found to be clever. I’d like to SMH and say, “Only in America!” but I’m sure other nations coin their own amusing words in response to partisan hyperbole!

Once again, though, I can guess that no one in the Holy Family — nor any of the Holies — would find it clever, not only because it’s of man, but precisely because it has nothing to do with love.

I base that guess on the 3 times when Your reality clearly broke in on mine. There were longer, slower miracles along the way, and lesser ones, but these 3 were immediate life-changers. The world, worries, and even self fell away.

Nothing but Love existed. Indeed, Your reality is Love.

In endless parsings each time and since then, I find that the heart suddenly ambushed with Joy simply lived in Your land for those seconds and minutes. Or as Thomas Aquinas put it after one of Your breakings-in, everything he’d ever written (/done) over the many years now seemed as straw.

Indeed, all love, and true joy. All joy, and true love. Something long ago that kept Mother Teresa Yours for the next too-Quiet 50 years. Something that made John Paul II sleep on the floor regularly. Something that made Your little Francis establish Your Creche. Something that Francis Thompson wrote that saved others. Something that makes roses appear..

Yes, just a fleeting (yet not!) taste of what Your apostle Paul quoted in 1 Cor 9, “Eye has not seen nor ear heard…”




2 or more too many, sometimes..

O Lord.. where are all the dear words? Where are the loaves and fishes?

I sometimes search within WordPress’ “Catholicism” tag; there are some You-starve-y evenings, indeed — not least of all in this last year of the past nine.

I rarely find other than the Divine Comedy in this form or that, though — which is not comedic, and which I (secretly until now) hope isn’t Divine.

Sometimes, I find Your Sealeds wondering in black and white if their Pope is Catholic.

I don’t find much like JP II’s “The Brightness of Water.

I don’t often find the simple prayer of one who lived so closely to Your Sacred Heart.

I rarely find even a brief musing over Annie Dillard’s incredulity in our not wearing crash helmets to Holy Mass (and the ushers not lashing us to our pews) for “the power we so blithely invoke.”

Sometimes, I find that someone sees like this one, and that’s good — it reminds me of home; but where is Your unique Invitation, Cor ad cor? Most of us are too wounded or too simply constructed to wade through reams of documents, first!